Thursday, February 3, 2011

“If you want a tweet, buy a bird.” - Mario Cantone

Tweet is one of many words that have developed new meanings thanks to the growth of social media websites. Today Tweety Bird is far from the thoughts of millions of people who post their tweets on Twitter. Another member of the animal kingdom, the sleek prowling cougar, is now synonymous with an older woman who dates a younger man. And cheeseball, which used to be served at a cocktail party, is today directed as an insult at anything or anyone lacking in taste or style. And if you hear the word pimp, don’t assume it only means an “agent” for “ladies of the night.” It’s now used as a verb and means to make something more showy or impressive.

So, if I want to pimp this blog, I’d post a tweet and hope that no one would describe it as a cheeseball or call me a cougar (unless George Clooney calls).

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